Water Heater

This is a picture of a water heater.

As Virginia natives and longtime residents, we know how cold the winters can get around here. Not only that, but the harsh weather often takes a toll on many of the pipelines and also water heaters. Having to take a cold shower after a full day’s work is something that could potentially affect many aspects of your health!

At Plumbing Chantilly VA we offer our services to install and repair all types of water heaters. Trying to manually repair these can have grave consequences as they may develop gas leaks or shoot-out bursts of hot water that could potentially cause skin burns or other injuries. If you have an issue with your water heater call us today!

Conventional Water Heater Repair and Installation

These are the typical water heaters that we are sure you have probably seen at one point or another. They consist of a tank that stores water and heats it and then passes it through pipes directly to the faucet that was opened. These can heat the water to a customized temperature, and also the tanks come in a variety of different storage capacities.

These water heaters usually have an 11-year life span according to leading manufacturers. If you are need of a repair service make sure to mention the type of water heater you have when you call so that our team can come fully prepared!

Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation 

Although the Tankless water heater looks a lot like the conventional one it is actually a great option if you are looking for a hot water heater replacement. This heater is essentially the updated version of the conventional heater.

This heater doesn’t really have a tank it just filters hot water directly through. It is estimated that this heater can spend up to 30% less energy compared to conventional heaters. Replacing your old heater for this one could be a smart investment long term! Also, considering the fact that these heaters have almost the double the life expectancy of conventional heaters!

Solar Powered Heater Repair and Installation

While electrically powered heaters became an environmentally friendly trend at one point, in the last couple of years they have become a lot less popular because of the high electric bills users kept getting in the mail. This option is also, environmentally friendly, and its use does not affect your electric bill which is also a huge plus.

Here in Virginia, we have a bit of downside with these types of heaters though! At certain times of the year, we don’t get as much sun as Daytona beach. This could potentially affect your heaters effectiveness.

Hybrid Heaters Repair and Installation

This tank can work by being powered by electricity or powered by gas. The heater has a regulator that automatically switches in and out between the two. Basically, you can save since these two power sources are sharing the load and none of them will reach high numbers. Of course, this is only in theory.

Our clients that have preferred this option have actually had mixed results. Like with a lot of our products it really depends on what it is that you value most!

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