This is a picture of a faucets.

Faucets come in all shapes and sizes and are literally everywhere around your home. From the kitchen to all of the bathrooms and you can even find some in your back and front yards. This means that they can come in different shapes and sizes depending on their location around the house and their overall purpose.

From the fancy bathroom faucets that fill a jacuzzi to the simple water faucets that you attach a hose to, to water your garden. These appliances also require a bit of maintenance from time to time. Another one of the main reasons why we get emergency calls is that a faucet has begun to leak or is broken and water just pours out non-stop!

Faucet Repair

Our full-service plumbing obviously includes faucet repair. As we just mentioned that fact that there is a faucet in virtually every room in the house makes it that much probable that one would break or begin to leak over time. Usually, outdoor water faucets are more susceptible to developing leaks. Even though they are built to withstand more difficult circumstances they are also the ones that are exposed to the most danger. These are usually quick fixes that can be made by replacing a couple of parts.

When it comes to indoor faucets their main enemy is the build-up of mineral deposits. These can be fixed with regular cleaning and maintenance. If they are not tended to do they may ruin the entire faucet and it will have to be replaced.

Faucet Installation

It may seem easy enough to do, but it sometimes is tougher than it looks! If faucets are not installed correctly they can begin to leak and cause greater damage to your water supply system over time.

Another issue we’ve seen is that people try to install their own faucets and break them in the process. Don’t make things too complicated. If you have just bought some beautiful new faucets let the professionals do the work! We can also recommend the best brands and provide all sorts of buying advice for new projects!

Shower Heads

These are one of the favorites of mineral deposits. If you start to feel that your shower is lacking a bit of water pressure the problem may be literally right in front of you.

We also offer maintenance and installation for them so they continue to work properly for years and years!

Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets and sinks are also one of the main issues that people call us to help them with. The build-up of food and other objects going down the drain can cause your sink to clog up easily. This can cause full system failure essentially. It’s actually a very common phenomenon, that is why almost all of the representations of plumbers in pictures and on tv have them peaking their head under the kitchen sink.

Our team of professionals can help the installation and repair of these kitchen faucets and sinks, while also providing great advice on how to keep them up and running.

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